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Diversity Management

Welcome to the Diversity Portal of the University of Bremen.

Here you will find information on the subject of diversity in studies, research, and teaching, as well as information on advice and support services.

  • Guiding Principles: 1. University within society

    As a scientific institution mirroring the society it is part of, the University of Bremen accepts responsibility to configure its tructures and institutional conduct in accordance with the criterion of social diversity.

  • Reagenzgläser mit verschiedenfarbiger Flüssigkeit.

    2. Diversity in and through research and teaching

    Diversity is a structural principle of the University. As a factor of innovation and creativity, it is reflected in the diversity of subject and knowledge cultures, their methods, forms of teaching and learning, as well as in the contents of research and education.

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    3. Inclusivity

    The diversity approach addresses all members of the University’s community of students, faculty and staff across all

    its areas (education, research, administration). It encompasses both “diversity mainstreaming” as well as the promotion of specific target groups.

  • 4. Competence in dealing with diversity

    In the context of a global knowledge society, the University of

    Bremen considers competence in addressing diversity issues to be a major educational goal.

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    5. Diversity as a factor and general condition of academic success and education

    The University of Bremen sees achieving academic success as a task to be shared in equal measure by the educational institution and its students. It is therefore aware of its institutional responsibility to create the requisite equitable framework conditions to promote the academic success of each individual student.

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    6. Empowerment and participation

    Taking into account different individual requirements and personal capabilities, all members of the University are given optimal support with the aim of promoting genuine participation and integration in all areas of University life.

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    7. Anti-discrimination

    All members of the University of Bremen are called upon to act against vilification and discrimination in all their dimensions and to actively take steps to prevent them taking place.

Current news

The series of events Diversity@Uni Bremen will be continued in the winter semester 2019/20.

Everything will revolve around the topic “Diversity@Uni Bremen: international prospects & challenges.

Further information about the new program you can find here.


If you would like to be informed about diversity related events at the University of Bremen and to be included in our internal mailing list, please send a mail to diversityprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

Young people work at a laptop.
The GW2 building with stands and young people.

Our Task:

  • Strategic planning and process support at a central level in order to anchor gender and diversity aspects in all concepts, guidelines, and measures in teaching, studies, research, and administration.  
  • Further development of the organizational culture by sensitizing our university members.
  • The development of target group-specific measures as well as the further development of the regulatory structures in teaching, study, and research in the sense of organizational development.
  • Structural networking in the areas of gender policy, inclusion/disability, internationality/interculturality, and anti-discrimination.

Our Service:

  • We advise, devise, and network.
  • Below you will find practical information on our measures and projects as well as reading tips.

The guiding principles of our Diversity Strategy formulate the orientation of the actions in our work.

Should you encounter any problems or ambiguities while reading our pages, please send us a message at diversityprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.