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Responsibility for leadership of the Faculty lies with the Office of the Dean. The Dean implements the resolutions passed by the Faculty Council and decides on matters pertaining to personnel, equipment, non-personnel resources, and facilities.

Office of the Dean in FB2

  • Dean Prof. Thorsten M. Gesing
  • Vice Dean Prof. Wilhelm Hagen
  • Study Dean Prof. Uwe Nehls
  • Deputy Study Dean Dr. Enno Lork



The administration offices of FB2 are just inside the main entrance to building NW2 Verwaltungspavillon (PAV), which is located on the campus "Boulevard". more »

The Studienbüro is the Faculty’s main point of contact for students. The staff there deals with all sorts of questions surrounding studies in Biology and Chemistry. Other tasks include the organization of studies, coordination of the ERASMUS program, preparation of recognition of qualifications in Bachelor’s programs, and quality management in FB2. more »

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The areas of Biology and Chemistry both have student representatives who are elected to stand up for the interests of their fellow students in FB2. The representatives of biology students in Faculty 2 of the University of Bremen are organized in the student council called StugA.  By the way: StugA encompasses the active students of biology! StugO is the name of the student council in the area of Chemistry in Faculty 2 at the University of Bremen.

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Here you will find a faculty directory: Professors of FB2 and partner research institutes, associate professors, and lecturers of FB2.

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The Faculty appoints various bodies, boards and committees for specific tasks and activities. They are responsible for reaching certain decisions, providing information and advice, and implementing tasks.

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The Faculty appoints or elects appointees who act as contact persons in certain areas. Here you will find a complete directory of appointees in FB2. more »

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