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Non-overlapping courses

Coordinated program schedules allow completion of studies within the normal timeframe!

The University of Bremen co-ordinates programs that encompass several subjects, so that about 70% of all possible subject combinations can be studied without any overlap, allowing completion of studies within the normal timeframe. However, the University of Bremen is still unable to provide a guarantee for this, as both room and teaching capacities are limited.

With regard to planning, non-overlapping offers, the subjects coordinate their timetables and design programs.


By asking

The subject groups

Subjects are assigned to one of three subject groups. The subjects of a subject group place their courses in the same time window. A combination of two subjects from different subject groups can therefore be studied without overlap within the normal period of study. Of course, you can also choose two subjects from the same subject group. However, this may involve some overlap and extend the normal duration of studies.

Subject Group ASubject Group BSubject group C
  • biology
  • German / German
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • mathematics
  • Public Health
  • jurisprudence
  • study of religion
  • Spanish / Hinspanistik
  • economics
  • English / English-Speaking Cultures
  • Educational Sciences
  • story
  • Art Media Aesthetic Education
  • Linguistics / Language Sciences
  • Music Education (Magisterium)
  • musicology
  • physics
  • political science
  • Religious Education (Magisterium)
  • Sachunterricht / Interdisciplinary Sachbildung
  • chemistry
  • Elementary Mathematics *
  • French / French-Romance
  • geography
  • computer science
  • Including education *
  • cultural Studies
  • philosophy

KF: Complementary subject, PF: Profile subject

* Including pedagogy and elementary mathematics as a so-called "small subject" can be studied without overlap. An overlap-free course offerings with elementary mathematics as a so-called "large subject" may be possible. If you have any questions, please contact the study centers .

Please note!

  • In the subject- specific profile , the profile subject can be combined with any complementary subject. When studying for a teacher , you can only choose from the subject combinations for the respective teaching profession .
  • In the study of two foreign languages, there is an overlap between stays abroad and school internships in the Bachelor's degree.   For this reason early counseling in the study center is strongly recommended.
  • For a study of the subjects Material Culture: Textile, Dutch and Slavic Studies / Subject Russian in cooperation with the University of Oldenburg there is no coordinated hourly planning. Travel times between the universities should be considered.