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Tanpinar and Turkey

A writing workshop with Akin Şipal and Dr. Burak Avci

with Şipal Akin und Dr. Burak Avci

The International Office cordially invites all students that speak Turkish either as first, second or foreign language to a literature workshop.
First part of the workshop will focus on the literary work “Huzur” (in German “Seelenfrieden”) written by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar. Afterwards an intense analysis we will try to write our own text, focused on the literature elements typical for Tanipar, such as time and the dialectical relationship of personality and identity.

WHEN: 19.10.19 und 20.10.19; 10-18 Uhr
WHERE: Focke Museum , Schwachhausener Heerstraße 240, 28213, Bremen

LANGUAGE: German and Turkish

Participation fee 10 €

The event is a joint collaboration of the literature festival globale°, the International Office of the University of Bremen, the Kulturforum Türkei and the Turkish Student community (TSB).

Register: globaleprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.
Deadline: 12.10.19