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News no.: 8 |

New Transfer Strategy: More Communication and Closer Cooperation

The University of Bremen has developed a new transfer strategy. The aim is to organize communication, dialog, and cooperation with politics, economy, and society in a closer and more efficient manner. The university will take target-oriented action in six specific areas.

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News no.: 6 |

3D Printing: New high-Tech Device for Bremen Material Scientists

A strong network within material research has been established at the University of Bremen with the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes. The center has now been granted 2.2 million euros by the German research Foundation (DFG) to build a device for 3D laser metal deposition.

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Frau hält Rede vor sitzendem Publikum
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News no.: 4 |

European University: “We are Proud to be Part of YUFE"

The senator for science and ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling, supports the University of Bremen with the creation of a European university. Schilling took part in a network meeting at the University of Maastricht.

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News no.: 3 |

Transition Regulated: Director of Finance and Administration Position Will be Advertised

The University of Bremen will initiate the process to fill the position of director of finance and administration as quickly as possible, as has been agreed by the University Executive Board and Bremen State Science Department.

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News no.: 5 |

Throwing of the Caps: Business Graduation Ceremony

At 4 p.m. on January 16, 2020, the University of Bremen will be saying goodbye to 490 graduates of the following degree courses in the Glocke: Business Studies, Economics, and Engineering Management. Prizes will also be awarded at the ceremony.

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Portrait Tanja Schultz
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News no.: 4 |

High Distinction for Computer Sciences Professor Tanja Schultz

The computer sciences professor Tanja Schultz was named as an IEEE fellow from January 1, 2020. The honorary membership from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is awarded to persons who have produced outstanding work. This is a great honor for the University of Bremen.

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Unterwasserbild mit Taucher und Korallen
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News no.: 3 |

2020 – Bremen’s Year of Coral Reefs

In July, the University of Bremen will host the most significant coral reef symposium worldwide. There will be public events in the city from January onwards. For the first time, the symposium will take place in Europe and is the largest marine sciences symposium in Germany to date.

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Studentin liest Buch
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News no.: 2 |

Sunday Opening: Bremen University Library Begins Again

Revising in the university library on Sunday will be possible from January 12, 2020. For six weeks, the headquarters on the university campus will be open until 8 p.m. on Saturdays (instead of 6 p.m.) and will additionally open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Books cannot be borrowed or returned.

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News no.: 1 |

University of Bremen Conferences in January 2020

School is the main focus: How one can create modern spelling lessons and what role does fear plays in math lessons – those are the topics of two conferences at the University of Bremen in January 2020.

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News no.: 191 |

Is Hate Speech the Reason for Close Election Outcomes?

Are hostile political messages the reason for the close election and poll outcomes that have become more regular recently? Scientists working with Professor Stefan Borndholdt at the Institute for Theoretical Physics have proven these connections using a physics-inspired model.

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News no.: 190 |

University of Bremen Planning Core Facility

The MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes will receive 750,000 euros from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the planning of a core facility for material analysis. A collection of highly valuable, scientific analysis equipment from several disciplines is to be used there in the future.

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Portrait of a young woman
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News no.: 188 |

“A Bridge Builder”: DAAD Prize for Indian Student

Prachi Dadhich has won the DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of foreign students. The Indian national was honored for her scientific performance and her exceptional social commitment at the University of Bremen.

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Drei Studierende lächeln in die Kamera
© Harald Rehling/Universität Bremen
News no.: 187 |

Summer Semester 2020: Apply Now

From applied philosophy to physics or mathematics – The University of Bremen is now accepting new students for the coming semester for 2 bachelor’s and 15 master’s degree programs. Applications can be submitted from now until January 15, 2020.

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Abbildung: ESA.
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News no.: 186 |

ESA Realizes University of Bremen CarbonSat Concept

The European Space Agency has agreed on the construction of a new greenhouse has satellite and released the corresponding funds – and research at the University of Bremen was decisive. The new satellite is based on the CarbonSat concept from the Institute for Environmental Physics (IUP).

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Studierende im Hörsaal
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News no.: 185 |

Two University of Bremen Teachers receive Berninghausen Prize

At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, this year’s Berninghausen Prize for excellence in teaching will be awarded in the Shütting. Two teaching staff members from the University of Bremen will receive prizes in the categories “Outstanding, Innovative Course” and “Student Prize”.

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Mann hält brennenden Gegenstand in die Höhe.
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News no.: 184 |

Glowing Electric Pickle and Gummy Bears in Hell

Gummy bears in hell are part of this year’s traditional Christmas chemistry lecture with Dr. Stephan Leupold, Katharina Schneider, and Anne-Marie Lilje. The show starts at 4 p.m. on Friday, December 6, in the large lecture hall C1, NW 2 building, block C, on Leobener Straße.

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Collage with fotos of marine animals and plants
© Paul Selvaggio/SECORE International/H.Krimmer-ICRS 2020
News no.: 183 |

International Coral Reef Symposium 2020 Holds Photo Competition

“Colorful diversity, white death – what can colors tell us about coral reefs?” is the motto of the photography competition being held in the frame of the next International Coral Reef Symposium, which will be held in Bremen for the first time in July 2020. Entries will be accepted until February 29.

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Hände mit Bausteinen
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News no.: 182 |

Outpatient Care Receives Higher Benefits without Better Quality

New housing and care types form the core of the Care Report for 2019. The report is published yearly by a team of authors from the SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy at the University of Bremen. The contracting party is BARMER.

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News no.: 181 |

“Mind Talks” Series Presents Innovations from Brain Research

What makes our brain flexible? What mechanisms allow us to process the immense amounts of sensory information that we receive every second? The “Mind Talks” lecture series at the university presents understandable answers from brain research in Bremen and surrounding areas.

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Junge Frau und junger Mann sitzen am Tisch
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News no.: 180 |

Humboldt Scholarship Holder Researches Civil Society in Russia

The social scientist Daria Skibo from St. Petersburg is visiting the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen as a Humboldt research fellow. Moreover, she is a “foreign agent”.

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