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Fostering individual interests

FB 2 is in the course of adapting its degree courses in biology (full major and option for teacher education) to take account of individual profile building based on research-based learning. In this context, it places a special focus on fostering diversity and, commensurate with their abilities, student‘s individual interests.

Furthermore, in the third year of the Bachelor Biology program, students also have the opportunity to build profile and pursue their individual interests. In the third year of the Bachelor Chemistry program, it is planned to introduce a specialty in Biochemistry.

Supported by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt [German foundation for the environment], the area of chemistry didactics is introducing an innovative school-lab project designed to create interest in the topic “Sustainability in Chemistry” especially on the part of adolescents and family with migration backgrounds.

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Compensating for disadvantage

Groups that tend to be disadvantaged in education due to their “characteristics” include the chronically ill, foreigners, single parents or persons exhibiting two or more of such characteristics. The student advisory and counseling services are particularly active during the orientation phase. Our administration staff also receives training on the topic of diversity.

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Contact persons

The Studienbüro (study office) is the main contact partner for students.

Faculty appointee for internationalization and diversity

Prof.Dr. Sørge Kelm
Phone +49 421 218 63222
Office NW2, B2235

Dr. Ute Meyer
Phone +49 421 218 62810
Email studienbuero.fb2protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Office NW2, A1030