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University of Bremen in Mourning for Andreas Hilboll

It was with great sorrow that the University of Bremen came to know of the death of its staff member Dr. Andreas Hilboll. The postdoctoral researcher from the Faculty of Physics/Electrical Engineering passed away in a hospital in Crete due to COVID-19.

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Uni Glashalle
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Universities in Bremen State Enter Emergency Operation Mode

University of Bremen, Bremen and Bremerhaven Universities of Applied Sciences, and University of the Arts Bremen are entering into emergency operation mode. Only the most necessary areas will be maintained on site. That is what the management teams and the senator for science and ports agreed on.

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Bremen State and University Library
© Michael Ihle 2017

Bremen State and University Library: All Locations Closed

Due to the threat posed by coronavirus, all locations of the Bremen State and University Library (SuUB) will remain closed until and on April 18, 2020. Digital services remain available. No fees will be charged for the overrunning of lending periods of borrowed books.

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Uni Logo an der Glashalle
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Studying in Times of Corona: More Digital Teaching and Learning

Teaching at the University of Bremen is to be digitalized as far as is possible for the coming summer semester. That is what the crisis committee at the University of Bremen decided during their meeting today. This is being done to curb the danger of coronavirus spreading on campus.

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Uni Logo an der Glashalle
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Bremen Study Prize Ceremony Cancelled

Please note: The Bremen Study Prize ceremony in the city hall, which was planned for today (March 10), has been cancelled. This is a precautionary measure due to coronavirus.

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Drei Leute im labor
© Jonas Ginter / InnoWi

When Genetic Material Is ‘Smuggled’ into the Next Plant Generation

In a new molecular genetics study, Professor Rita Groß-Hardt and her team have shown that it is possible to ‘smuggle’ genetic information past ‘quality checkpoints’ within the reproduction process of plants. The discovery is of particular interest for agriculture of the future.

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Würfel mit Buchstaben
© Matej Meza

FZHB Language Courses

In February and March 2020, the Foreign Languages Centre for the Universities in the Land of Bremen (FZHB) is offering various courses where you can refresh your language skills or even learn a new language. All interested citizens of Bremen can participate.

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Literature Analysis Proves Addictive Potential of Online Gambling

Scientists at the University of Bremen and ISD Hamburg have analyzed 63 studies on online gambling – most of them warn of the dangers. As a result, the Bremen gambling researcher Dr. Tobias Hayer is demanding strict regulations.

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University Commemorates National Socialism Victims

In the frame of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the University of Bremen is inviting everyone to a talk by Professor Christoph U. Schminck-Gustavus. On January 27, 2020, the law scholar will be speaking about Walerian Wróbel who was killed at the age of 17 by the Nazis.

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New Transfer Strategy: More Communication and Closer Cooperation

The University of Bremen has developed a new transfer strategy. The aim is to organize communication, dialog, and cooperation with politics, economy, and society in a closer and more efficient manner. The university will take target-oriented action in six specific areas.

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Geldschein und Münzen
© Karla Götz / Universität Bremen

Caregiving as an Income Risk? Research Team Publishes Study

When employed relatives take over family care for a longer period, they lose 2.7 percent of their hourly wage. That is the result of a study carried out by the SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy at the University of Bremen together with the German Centre of Gerontology.

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3D Printing: New high-Tech Device for Bremen Material Scientists

A strong network within material research has been established at the University of Bremen with the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes. The center has now been granted 2.2 million euros by the German research Foundation (DFG) to build a device for 3D laser metal deposition.

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Frau hält Rede vor sitzendem Publikum
© Maastricht University

European University: “We are Proud to be Part of YUFE"

The senator for science and ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling, supports the University of Bremen with the creation of a European university. Schilling took part in a network meeting at the University of Maastricht.

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Uni Glashalle
© Universität Bremen

Transition Regulated: Director of Finance and Administration Position Will be Advertised

The University of Bremen will initiate the process to fill the position of director of finance and administration as quickly as possible, as has been agreed by the University Executive Board and Bremen State Science Department.

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Business Graduation Ceremony
© Andreas Müller

Throwing of the Caps: Business Graduation Ceremony

At 4 p.m. on January 16, 2020, the University of Bremen will be saying goodbye to 490 graduates of the following degree courses in the Glocke: Business Studies, Economics, and Engineering Management. Prizes will also be awarded at the ceremony.

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Portrait Tanja Schultz
© Universität Bremen

High Distinction for Computer Sciences Professor Tanja Schultz

The computer sciences professor Tanja Schultz was named as an IEEE fellow from January 1, 2020. The honorary membership from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is awarded to persons who have produced outstanding work. This is a great honor for the University of Bremen.

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Studentin liest Buch
© Matej Meza

Sunday Opening: Bremen University Library Begins Again

Revising in the university library on Sunday will be possible from January 12, 2020. For six weeks, the headquarters on the university campus will be open until 8 p.m. on Saturdays (instead of 6 p.m.) and will additionally open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Books cannot be borrowed or returned.

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Uni Glashalle
© Universität Bremen

University of Bremen Conferences in January 2020

School is the main focus: How one can create modern spelling lessons and what role does fear plays in math lessons – those are the topics of two conferences at the University of Bremen in January 2020.

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Logo der Universität in der Glashalle
© Michael Ihle / Universität Bremen

Increase in Unstable Employment Types

Unstable employment types have increased in the past decades. This was shown in a study conducted by the Institute for Labor and Economy (iaw) at the University of Bremen. According to the study, temporary employment, mini jobs, fixed-term contracts, and small-scale self-employment are on the rise.

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Is Hate Speech the Reason for Close Election Outcomes?

Are hostile political messages the reason for the close election and poll outcomes that have become more regular recently? Scientists working with Professor Stefan Borndholdt at the Institute for Theoretical Physics have proven these connections using a physics-inspired model.

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All about studying

Students concentrated during a lecture

Program Offerings

More than 100 bachelor's and master's degree programs, a state law exam, international and continuing education courses – so if you decide to study at the University of Bremen, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. If you already have a good idea about what you want to study, you can search for the right study program in Database Studies. There you will find information on all the study programs offered by the University of Bremen, sorted alphabetically and according to various criteria.

If you are still undecided in your choice of subject, get help from the Central Student Advisory Service. They will help you turn your still vague ideas into a clear study profile. For a first orientation, however, we have divided the study programs available into eight study and occupational fields to help you narrow down the field.


Teaching profile

Research-based learning offers all students the opportunity to actively shape the learning experience. The University of Bremen offers a wide range of subjects encompassing many different knowledge cultures. From this diversity emerges a study culture of mutual esteem which enables vibrant and successful studies.


The online Course Catalog lists courses and lectures sorted by subject areas (Faculties) and degree programs, as well as cross-departmental offers. Within the frame of UniStart, freshers can attend university courses in preparation for their studies; to orient themselves on campus or to make contact with fellow students.

Advice and Orientation

The first point of contact for information about studying is the Central Student Advisory Service. Subject-specific questions can be clarified in the study centers or with the program advisers. Taster offers (look-ins) and the Information Day for Prospective Students (website in German only) provide opportunities to get to know the University of Bremen a little better.

Studium international

Our campus breathes life into diversity.  2,200 people from all five continents study here. More than 600 international cooperation partners form our worldwide network. Many Faculties offer international degree courses. Prospective international students can look forward to a diverse range of academic and cultural offers.

All about research

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